Who is Little Miss Infertile?

Matt & StaciHello!  We’re Matt and Staci from Wilsonville, Oregon and we’ve been struggling with the battle against unexplained infertility for four years now.  Your ticket purchase is being put towards helping us with our dream of starting a family.  First let us say a big, THANK YOU and that we hope you enjoy your eclipse campout experience!

Becoming Little Miss Infertile

Our story starts all the way back in February 2013 before we officially began trying to conceive. I (Staci) was sent to the emergency room with severe pain and was found to have a large mass on one of my ovaries. In an effort to preserve fertility, they were able to surgically remove just the one ovary and I was told that conceiving should not be an issue. Fast forward four years through multiple fertility medications, normal lab results and six failed IUI’s (intrauterine insemination) and we now find ourselves standing before the last bit of medicine that might help us start a family: IVF. Unfortunately IVF is not covered by insurance and the out of pocket costs are staggering. Infertility is difficult enough mentally and especially emotionally, it’s heartbreaking to add in the unbelievable cost of getting medical help to start a family.

Adoption is another avenue we are open to and the costs associated with that are just as staggering and the avenue just as unpredictable.  We are teetering on the edge between hope and defeat but nevertheless persist onward in our journey towards parenthood and creating a family.

Follow Our Journey

You can walk alongside us and follow our journey at www.littlemissinfertile.com or like our Facebook page, at http://facebook.com/littlemissinfertile We also aim to speak with raw honesty about what it’s like living with infertility in a family dominated society and raise more awareness around infertility that affects 1 in 8 couples in the United States.


Staci (and Matt) Corbett